The Matter of Memory

  • The Matter of Memory app is an artwork by Hector Leiva.
  • Use the map to look around for any memory recordings.
  • You can listen to a memory if you're standing within 100 feet of where it was recorded.
  • Listen to the memories others have left behind.
  • Record your own, others will have to stand where you are to listen.

The Matter of Memory is an ongoing work that investigates the relationship between memory and place. This smart-phone application can make an audio recording tied to a specific location. When the user is about to record, they are presented with the question, “Why is this place important to you?” Once the recording is uploaded, users must be within 100 feet of the place where it was recorded to be able to listen to it.

The app is currently being reworked and it will be available for both Android/iOS soon.

Use the above map to see where others have recorded memories.

A sample of some of the memories that have been recorded.

By requiring listeners to be within a certain radius of the origin of the recording, the art work imposes questions of how memories are created and affected by time and space. The complexity among the liminal spaces of the everyday, the spaces we inhabit, and the histories that exist within these spaces can be examined through the audio recordings made by the public. The smart-phone is a unique tool that expands this art work beyond the limiting space of an installation.

July 13 - October 15, 2013
This project was featured at the Helen Day Art Center | Exposed 2013 group exhibition at Stowe, VT.

This project was featured at ISEA2012: Machine Wilderness in the Fall of 2012 in Albuquerque, NM.